Advanced Multifunctional Oxides for Photovoltaics

Dr Abdelilah Slaoui Strasbourg University, France.

Dr Abdelilah Slaoui
Strasbourg University, France.

By Dr Abdelilah Slaoui, Strasbourg University, France.
The synthesis of functional high-quality oxide thin films is a major current research challenge given their potential applications in electronic (flat panel displays, flexible electronics) and optoelectronic (LEDs, photovoltaics) sectors. In particular, transparent conducting oxides (TCOs) and semiconducting oxides (SCOs) are of great interest for solar cells.
Herein, we first report on fabrication and characterization of rare earth (RE) doped TCOs such as ZnO, SnOx or CeOx. The structural, optical and electrical properties of such functionalized oxides will be throughly presented. An efficient energy transfer from the RE ions to the host matrix will be presented. The down shifting process will be demonstrated through the conversion of UV photons to infrared ones, which is favorable for reducing the thermalization losses in solar cells.
In a second part, we report on the synthesis of a new class of ferroelectric oxide films that have high photons absorption and a moderate bandgap, making them very suitable for photovoltaic applications. The focus will be on BFO and BMO type oxide.


Dr Abdelilah SLAOUI received his PhD degree in semiconductor physics in 1984 at Laboratory PHASE/France, where he focused on laser crystallisation of implanted silicon for solar cells. In 1986, He joined CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) as a permanent researcher to work on develop activities on advanced photovoltaics and microelectronic materials and devices. In 1992 he joined the Oregon Graduate Institute at Beaverton, Oregon, USA as a visiting scientist. He is presently Senior researcher at iCUBE Laboratory (laboratoire des Sciences de l’Ingénieur, de l’Informatique et de l’Imagerie (belonging to CNRS/Strasbourg University) and head of “Materials for electronic and photovoltaics devices (MaCEPV)” team. His group is dealing with inorganic and organic based solar cells, and nanomaterials for electronics and optoelectronics.
Dr A. Slaoui participated and initiated numerous National as well as to European projects. He has authored or co-authored more than 250 papers in Journals and Proceedings and contributed to 10 books, and he has edited special issues and proceedings. He co-organized many symposia on materials for photovoltaic as well as workshops/schools on Materials for Energy. Dr A. Slaoui served as President of the European Material Research Society (E-MRS) in 2007-2009. He also worked as an expert for national and European projects. He is presently coordinating the European project, EUROSUNMED.