Message of Prof. Ahmed Ennaoui to IRSEC’16 participants

Prof. Ahmed EnnaouiResearch Director Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute, Qatar Foundation. Professor, College of Science and Engineering Hamad bin Khalifa University (HBKU), Doha, Qatar

Prof. Ahmed EnnaouiResearch Director
Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute, Qatar Foundation.
Professor, College of Science and Engineering
Hamad bin Khalifa University (HBKU), Doha, Qatar

Dear participants to the Fourth International Renewable and Sustainable Energy Conference IRSEC16, November 14-17, 2016, Marrakech – Morocco.
The International Renewable and Sustainable Energy Conference (IRSEC) is becoming a great platform and number one networking event in the country for university professors, scientists, engineers, and students to exchange progress in renewable technology, engineering and sustainable development. Thanks to all sponsors including, IEEE Industry Applications Society, the Technical Cosponsor of IRSEC’16, MASEN (Moroccan Agency for sustainable Energy) and GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit), which are assisting us to host most of the top keynote speakers from Germany, United States, Japan, Korea, Singapore, France, Spain, UAE, Qatar, Switzerland, and Turkey.

This year, we had the advantage to run IRSEC16, the fourth Edition in parallel with the 22nd Session of the Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP22). IRSEC16 is labeled COP22, this was a wonderful opportunity for all delegates in addition to the program of IRSEC16 to visit the Green Zone of COP22 and participate in all side events to engage with Parties and other participants for knowledge sharing, capacity building, networking and exploring actionable options for meeting the climate challenge.
We were again very fortunate to receive well-known experts in their respective fields from industrial counties including senior scientists, University Professors from Morocco and worldwide, Researchers, Consultants, Managers, and other authorities. Their involvement resulted in very successful symposia, oral sessions and poster sessions with 442 received papers. This conference brought together material scientists, chemists, physicists, engineers, and technologists to discuss and review PV module and system reliability. The scope includes water splitting, batteries, and other storage options. Papers are also being solicited in the area of smart grids as they relate to PV and and BOS components such as inverters. We are proud to have a huge contribution of Moroccan scientists and graduate students working on different topics ranging from the application of nanotechnologies, to crystalline silicon and the latest developments over the full spectrum of thin-film products and concepts, system operation, integrated “smart” applications and market development aspects. Thank you to all who attended and helped making the conference such a huge success. Briefly, these are the evolution, Facts & Figures of IRSEC-2013-2016 showing a great progress.


Two important workshops were organized during IRSEC’16, the EUROSUNMED Roadmap workshop, a 4-year collaborative project supported by the FP7 Programme of the European Commission, this workshop was coordinated by Dr. Abdelilah Slaoui, head of “Materials for electronic and photovoltaics devices (MaCEPV)” and the workshop on Materials Modeling and Simulation conducted by Prof. Dr. Abdelilah Benyoussef associate professor in the materials and nanomaterials center of the Moroccan Foundation for Advanced Science Innovation and Research and permanent member of the Moroccan Hassan II Academy of Science and Technology.

I want to express my thanks to each of you who have attended this conference and to special guests and guest speakers for taking the time and effort to take the long trip to Marrakech and for their participation and sharing of abundantly productive ideas and expertise. I believe that the conference has been all that you expected it to be and that you have taken the opportunity to make new friends and renew old acquaintances and to have discussion and exchange of many experiences, suggestions and opinions with researchers from all over the world. Again IRSEC16 achieved the objective and ultimate goal of putting together senior scientists, university professors, masters and PhD students to solve problems, brainstorm, gain new perspectives and give the opportunity to attend the High-level event on global climate action, sustainable economic transition and economic diversification in COP22, learning to take the action steps, policies and programs necessary to overcome many challenging issues on renewable energy facing us today.
We want to thank all the moderators who skillfully guided each of the group meetings. This conference would not have been a success without you.
We would like to say, on the behalf of all Conference committee, how much we appreciate all of the co-organizers, supporting agencies, sponsors and conference staffs who contributed to the grants and their efforts to us during the conference preparation. We hope we have been able to create a stimulating environment for your research topics and that it has been a memorable experience for all of you.
The Gala diner “Chez Ali” with the most popular Fantasia animated with Moroccan Berber Folklore including music, dance, horse-riding was amazing.
I am happy to say again that IRSEC16 team organized the conference with extreme competence. Each aspect of the event – venue management, social evenings, catering, transportation, and accommodation, to name a few – was handled smoothly. Thank you guys so much for another successful event in the first of Morocco’s four imperial cities.

See you next year in Tangier/Morocco for another successful conference, the IRSEC’17


Kind regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Prof. Ahmed Ennaoui/ ISES, IEEE member
Research Director at Qatar Environment & Energy Research Institute (QEERI)
Professor of PV technology at Hamad bin Khalifa University (HBKU)