Enabling Moroccan industry and research to implement CSP technology for power and process heat supply

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) workshop.
The workshop was initiated by the German Aerospace Center (DLR), the European competence center for concentrating solar thermal technology.


The workshop is targeting Moroccan industry and research institutions, who are interested in learning and discussing the challenges in the different CSP technologies concerning design, involved materials, manufacturing, and system approaches. Results from latest research and developments will be presented by DLR experts with the goal to foster the involvement and share of local industry and research institutions in future commercial CSP projects.


December 6, 2017 – Farah Hotel, Tangier.

MASEN’s mission to support the
Moroccan renewable energy sector.
By Hicham Bouzekri,
MASEN, Morocco
Status of progress in technological
development in MS tower systems
By Dr. Reiner Buck, DLR, Germany
HelioMaroc – A Moroccan built heliostat
By Chakir Jihad, Jet Energy, Morocco
Requirements for local heliostat and
parabolic trough manufacturing
A. Schweitzer, SBP, Germany
Metallic structures for Parabolic Trough Solar plant.
Delta Holding, Morocco
Molten salt storage systems
T.Bauer, DLR, Germany
Molten Salt tanks experience on Noor1
Ilyass Kount, DLM, Morocco
Renewable Energy Construction Company View
A. C. Giménez, Caldererias, Spain – Morocco
Overview on systems for
process heat applications
Dr. Peter Heller, DLR, Germany
Process heat for Milk industry in COPAG
By Hicham Bouzekri, MASEN, Morocco.
Decentralized STE: value proposition of solar based.
combined heat & power (CHP) solutions
J. Shruefer
IATech, Germany