2016 Embedded Systems Competition

The Embedded System Competition is an international championship for self-made, autonomous systems based on arduino, raspberry,… boards. This competition is organized as part of the Innovation Week (i-Week’16). Pre-selected competitors will be invited to defend their projects on May 10th, 2016 afternoon. A jury will select the 3 best ideas among presented projects. Selected teams will then receive valuable prizes.

In order to promote your project, all pre-selected teams are invited also to exhibit their realizations during the widely advertised International Workshop on Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship ( IWTIE’16 May 11, 2016, afternoon). More than 200 participants are expected to attend this event.

Submit your application online: Apply now

Registration is open until May 6th. So, if you wanna apply, you’d better hurry up. Write a description of your project that explain your idea, and the targeted problem. You need to convince the jury about its feasibility, and show that it is innovative.

English and French applications are possible.

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